Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sawyer is 9 Months Old!

Last month it was crawling...this month...well, he will keep us busy. I am not complaining yet. It is so much fun watching him figure out everything he can do. He pulls up so easily on the furniture and doesn't mind falling over every once in awhile. Frequently actually. He just gets back up and goes after it again. All the while babbling and singing. Just precious. The kid also eats like a pig! I finally won the battle and got him to willingly eat peas. I may have snuck in some applesauce to make them more appealing at first. He doesn't seem to turn his nose up at anything lately.

What he LOVES are his finger foods. Anything expensive in a plastic Gerber package will do. Here he is willing the puffs to him.

Forget signs...he uses his mind!

I'm back!

So all this time I did not know I could easily get to my blog by simply finding a button that says "Sign in." I am lame. Technology is not my forte...

Saturday, January 3, 2009

A Very Smith-Howard Christmas!

Sawyer was such a good little elf and didn't mind the hat, most of the time...

So many presents! So little time!

Quality time with Great-Grandpa Warren.

Aunt Tricia's pregnant belly is a perfect napping place. :)