Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Little Miss Veda

She is quite the sweet little princess, and she scares me.  Today Steve and I took the kiddos to a bar for an open mic.  It is early on a Sunday, harmless, right?  They love uncle John and he entertained them while we waited and hoped a mic would be set up... which never was.  Weird deal.  But anyway...  On the ride home I mentioned to Steve how I noticed Veda sizing people up, strangers that would stop and talk to her, touch her hair and work for a smile.  I waited for her to look to me and check out if any of this was okay.  She didn't.  She carefully studied each person and decided for herself if they deserved a smile.  Her personality is really starting to evolve and it is fascinating to watch.  When we had a baby shower at our house for the lovely Auntie Erica she sat in her highchair for a good long time, completely content, just watching everyone around her.  She is also one tough cookie.  Nothing slows her down for long and Sawyer flattens her quite frequently while Veda doesn't look the slightest bit bewildered.  That must be what happens when you have an older brother.  When she wants something she is not afraid to stiff-arm someone to get it.  The girl also loves a sing-along and bumps up her one shoulder to the beat.  I love that.