Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sawyer's got his Sea Legs...

I think I might be cool with this boat thing...I could do this lifestyle.

Just a little more practice and I will be an expert walker. Boat walking is good practice.

Ha! Finally, my chance behind the wheel! I am one step closer to taking over the world!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

14 Months Old...

It is so wonderful to have time off this summer to enjoy with my family! Tricia has cut back her hours at work to be home more too so we are making a point to spend some of that time together with our kiddos. This was Sawyer's first time playing in the play area at the mall... They had a great time.

Our little Umpa Lumpa loves his spaghetti!

I watched the Coobs girls last week and Leila and Sawyer enjoyed the water table in the tent! I am a bit of a sun nazi... Don't want my baby to get burned!

I was better at this blogging thing last summer when I wasn't chasing Sawyer around...but I wouldn't go back. He is getting to be pretty ornery and I can see that he is constantly taking mental notes and cooking up schemes. My favorite thing lately has been watching him learn and practice all of the signs we have been working on. I find it totally hilarious that when he doesn't know a sign for something he will just start moving his hands around, it is so cute. So far we have learned: more, all done, milk, that (Sawyer's made up sign...very similar to milk), light, fan, flower, book, dog... can't think of anything else right now but I am sure I am missing something. We have seen him attempt boat but he doesn't use it spontaneously yet. He will get there soon as much as he loves going for rides on Poppa's boat.