Sunday, August 3, 2008

Flood Update

I have been meaning to get back to this for awhile to update you on the flooding situation and my classroom. A few weeks ago...yes, I said a few weeks ago.... I spent some time surveying the damage, sifting through some boxes and visiting the barren classroom. The best news I have to share is that the two goldfish have survived. They are like cats...although I am not sure how many lives they have to go yet. Probably not many considering we bought (rescued) them from the feeder tank at Petland. Goofy and Duck are have been through it all.

Here is the picture showing everything pulled from the classroom aside from the refridgerator and the fish tank shown above. The fish get a special location so the district staff can keep them plugged in!

Here is the bare classroom. I will be starting the year in an alternate location in the same building as the other Bridges classroom. In the end it will be nice to have everything all clean and new but I sure have a lot of anxiety right now about how the year will start off!

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