Wednesday, March 25, 2009

We Have an 11 Month Old!

...and he is awesome! We are having so much fun right now. Sawyer's personality has started to really blossom. He teases us by offering us food and toys and quickly snatching them away with a devilish grin on his face. Still not a walker yet, although I think maybe we are getting close to a point where we could trick him into it. He stands on his own all of the time and practices his squats. This is also a time when I am comfortable letting him try all kinds of foods. I'll let Steve tell you about the jalapeno hummus... We took him to Dairy Queen to share some ice cream with us and he showed a definite preference for the Snickers over the Oreo Blizzard. Exposure to peanuts number 1...check.

You know what kiddos? We need a break... can you both fit in this stroller?
Don't worry, this didn't last long...

Bath time is sooooo much fun!

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