Sunday, July 19, 2009

Family fun in Decorah

Whippy Dip! Whippy Dip!
Don't worry we didn't spoil our dinners. We still cleaned our plates at T-Bocks after feeding the fish at the hatchery.

We had a great time in Decorah visiting Kim and Stoney and had lots of family fun hitting our favorite spots in D-town. Wednesday we had breakfast at T-Bocks where we left Sawyers cutest sippy cup, not to be discovered until later. Argh! Then we wandered downtown, stopping at the Decorah Chick Hatchery to visit the baby chicks. Yes, there is a distinct theme of eating at T-Bocks and hatching young so far in our trip.

Last stop... Dunnings Spring for some more photos.
Oops...that one was a little off...let's try again!

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