Monday, November 30, 2009

Sawyer's First Haircut..

Steve has recognized for a long time that Sawyer needed a haircut. This, over the past couple of weeks he had become more obvious to me as well. Still, it was not easy to take the steps necessary to actually get the job done. I worried about Sawyer losing his adorable curls and growing up too quick. I didn't know what I would say to the stylist. I didn't know how I would react or what I would do if she messed up the pure locks on my baby's head. To spare myself of the grief I put it off. Finally, on black Friday as we headed home from a relaxing Thanksgiving at the Smith house, we made the stop. I think the deciding factor for me was Steve's comment after a brush had been run through Sawyer's hair... "Oh my gosh, it's Neil Diamond." Really, there was a striking resemblance. Guess who is getting a hair cut... It was time...

He was such a champ. He sat in the chair by himself like a big boy and did what he was told. "Look at that green fish." Meanwhile I snapped pictures and video. Maybe I will get one of the videos on here... but don't hold your breath. Hmmm... do you think it was about time for a haircut?
Mom, are you sure this is a good idea?

Take a look at the spiffy new "do!"

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