Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Praise for my Husband...

My husband truly amazes me sometimes. Last night we left Cassie at home to manage the bedtime routine with Sawyer and went to The Mill in Iowa City for Steve to perform during the Open Mic. I always get so nervous for him when he performs and this time was no different. Especially since I had heard him do very little practicing. I laughed at him when he arrived home from work at the same time I did (early for him) and he practically ran into the house to start practicing. It was an interesting challenge with Sawyer and Leila both desperately wanting to participate. I love hearing Steve sing and play the guitar and it always takes me back to when we first met and I began admiring him.

Steve was surprised to have friends and family gather to hear him play. He even had a couple of old friends and teammates drive over from Des Moines. Here he is with Joe, Logan and JP.

You never know who will show up if you post something on facebook.

A couple of songs were pretty rough but he pulled it off and was so charming. I beamed as he played. Now I can hear him upstairs working on the dishes. More welcomed sounds... Life is good.


Cassie said...

Yay, Steve! Next time, I'll be there! Looking forward to it!

Cassie said...

Really, Andrea? Really?!?!