Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Being Away...

The sweetest thing about being away from my little boy is coming back home to him.  My BFF Erica and I have made an effort to spend a weeknight together every once in awhile.  I take Veda with me for time with the girls and leave Sawyer at home so he can have a boys night.  Tonight he was so excited when Steve asked him if he wanted to stay at home or go out for supper.  His eyes lit up when he was saying what he wanted to eat.  Do you want... pizza?  Yeah.  Do you want... chicken?  Yeah.  Do you want sushi?  Yeah.  Rice and Beans?  Yeah.  There was nothing he didn't want.  Pizza Ranch buffet it is!

When I got home at nearly 9:00 I thought for sure I would be greeted by a sugar charged 2 year-old.  But the house was quiet with Steve in the recliner... no Sawyer in sight.  I was surprised and proud of Steve for getting him to bed at a decent time!  When I told him so, he let me know that Sawyer was expecting a good night kiss from me.  I stalled a bit, chatting with Steve, thinking Sawyer was probably sound asleep anyway.  When I got into his room Sawyer's sleepy blue eyes were looking back at me.  I crouched down by his bed and asked him if he had a good night with daddy.  He reached for my face with his little hand and searched for the perfect spot on my cheek to give me a kiss.  He whispered goodnight to me before rolling over and squeezing his doggie and lion in close.  I guess that was all he needed to be ready to drift off to sleep.  One of the most precious. moments. ever.