Saturday, April 16, 2011

Let's take a look back a couple of weeks!

There is snow on the ground :/  So... I decided to post some pics from Veda's first experience with grass.  Let's just say, she isn't afraid to get dirty.  Sawyer totally freaked out the first few times we introduced him to grass.  He preferred not to be near it not to mention putting his bare feet in it.  I sat Veda down in the grass on a 78 degree day without any socks on, anticipating the same reaction.  Surprise!  She started pulling out grass, trying to shove it in her mouth and in mine.  Soon she took off, crawling all over the yard and I mean ALL OVER!  It was fun to watch.  That is just her personality.  She is fearless which makes this momma a little nervous.  This little girl is going to teach me some things for sure!

Oops... Sawyer was a little sorry he shared that toy!

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