Thursday, July 3, 2008


It was so nice to be able to spend a whole week with my family down in Warsaw Missouri. Sawyer got tons of quality time with his grandparents and aunts and uncles.
Here he is with his Great-Grandma Karen.

And soaking up the attention from Aunts Cassie and Dani.

Sawyer spent mornings with pop-pop so I could sleep. The wii kept us entertained in the cabin with Tricia demonstrating her new found Guitar Hero skills. The guitar is getting a rest in the background of this pic. I tried my hand at wii baseball even though I am not a fan of video games. I have to was kinda fun...don't tell Steve!

Steve and I got the chance to tube behind the boat and eat great BBQ. What could be better? Well, doing all of that without class work hanging over our heads would have been nice. Steve and I spent a good portion of our vacation working on class which was interesting since wi-fi wasn't easy to find. We did some work at the Warsaw Public Library where the people were so friendly. Anyway, as you can see from the picures, we did find time for fun.

Clay and Steve enjoying the tube.
Clay practicing his moves...
Mom and I had the best time...

Well, maybe Mom had the best time of all. Isn't she beautiful?
Dani loves to ski, she makes it look easy to pop out of the water.

We visited Ha Ha Tonka State Park where we missed seeing the post office that was run by our relatives during their day. (Grandma, maybe you can share a few details about them in a comment?) It is just not easy touring state parks with small children. I think I need a temperature controlled, sun protected, insect repelling, off-roading, motorized stroller. Do they make those somewhere? I hope we will see more of the park when we visit another time. We did get a chance to see the castle ruins.

Here we all are. Poor Sawyer is trapped in the bubble in front. This is as close as I could get to the fancy stroller I have in my dreams.

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Grandma Karen said...

What a wonderful blog!
Yeap, your Mom had A best time. She IS beautiful. Maybe I had the best time. It was heavenly seeing you all together and having time with you. Grandpa & I are still smiling every time we think of "your" vacation. We look at the pictures over and over.
I love Ha Ha Tonka - the castle ruins, but best of all the post office and general store. Granny Nettie Morgan was the postmistress for awhile, and Gramps Estelle (accent on the first syllable) Morgan ran the general store. They are your great-great-grandparents. Your great-grandfather Harland, his brother Jack, and sister Theda lived with their parents on the second floor above the store/post office. There is a door on the backside of the building on 2nd floor going into the aptmt. There were wood steps going up to it. We took pictures of it, but not of the back. They've cleaned it & repaired some of the stone walls but it is as it was. Adobe won't email pictures for us for some reason. We'll try to send some on though. The post office opened in 1867(?) and was closed in 1938(?). I have to look at the picture to check the correct dates. Those are close, I think. There is a picture somewhere of the 3 children in front of the building. I don't know how long they lived there. We'll ask Uncle Jack & Aunt Theda. Still can't go into the building and looking through the window, there is nothing there - no shelves or counter, just floor. The park is really beautiful now, but so different than when I first saw it about 28 yrs ago. No sidewalks, dirt roads, natural nature trails, and it felt like it probably looked that way when Gramps & Granny were there. We can't wait to have you come back. Kisses and head rubbings to Sawyer. Your vacation is the best vacation I've ever had!
Lots of love, Grandma Karenpflscg