Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Our Big Boy!

Ummm...yeah, I gave myself a hickey...

Sawyer had his 2 month Dr's appointment today. Here are the stats... 24 1/4'' long and he is now 13 pounds and 1 oz. I win for guessing his weight exactly right! I couldn't believe that I forgot that he was to get shots today. After the nurse weighed and measured him she left the room and I was left to admire my boy and I thought to myself, "Ahhh, 2 months, how quickly they have passed..." Oh God! I forgot the Tylenol! I took off for the nurses station and let them know that I forgot. We scored a free bottle of tylenol out of the deal. Then he had his first batch of immunizations. Three shots. I shed at least 3 tears. He screamed his little head off tthen took on an expression of disbelief before he drifted to sleep. It wasn't until we were at Tricia and Cory's for dinner that he started to let us know how he felt again. We have been so spoiled with a wonderful little baby that we hardly recognize him when he is inconsolable. Thank goodness for Leila's donation of leftover baby Motrin to take the edge off until he could have Tylenol again.

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